Don't Get Ripped Off by Big Companies Who Push Sales ONLY!

Story Time

The "Sucker". A Story by Affordable Air

You already know how it goes. Your AC is broken. It's only a cheap part that's broken. However, big companies don't care about cheap parts, they care about EXPENSIVE SALES.  They manipulate you, telling you their MOST expensive installation project is the ONLY way for you to have a cool home. 

Everybody is happy, though! Right? Your home is always cool now, you have a new system, and the big company has $20k that should belong to you. 

Find something wrong about that? We do. 

We don't want your money, we want to keep to you cool for as cheap as possible.

If you would rather spend $200 to keep your home cool rather than $20k to do the EXACT SAME job, you're in the right place. Thankfully :)

Don't be a sucker. For your money's sake, call Affordable Air. See you soon ;)