Don't Get Ripped Off by Big Companies Who Push Sales ONLY!

Common Issues

"Hot House" Effect

When warm weather rolls around (everyday in Texas), our homes sometimes turn into a sauna, especially when we don't want to crank our AC and funnel cash out the window.

Broken Part

When your car isn't functioning properly, do you buy a brand new $30k dollar car? Or do you take it to the shop to get it fixed? I don't know about you but I would rather spend 200 bucks to fix it...

"Off and On"

Sometimes your AC works. Other times it doesn't. There's not a worse feeling when you AC runs like a leopard on the 80 degree days but struggles when it's 105.

Old Age

When you unit gets up there in age, it's not always the best ideas to try and teach it new tricks. Often times a replacement is the most cash efficient solution. But make sure you KNOW there's no going back before you get suckered by a big company. That's where we come in :)


Action From Affordable Air

On a consultation visit to your home, we will identify the issue and inform you of ALL of your cash efficient options so you know what you should do and how much it will cost. Let us know when we can swing on by!